The Story of Juliet

Juliet Lyttle a passionate patchworker collected patchwork fabric throughout her lifetime. She didn’t just see the fabric, she saw all the wonderful quilts that could be made with it, which made all of these fabrics irresistible. With a fear of not having enough fabric for the eventual project she would normally buy the whole bolt rather than just a few centimetres. The storage into the double garage converted into a sewing room quickly ran out of storage space, and soon all cupboards in the house became material storage.

Juliet sewed whenever possible from sun up to sun down every day, getting lost in the design and creation of quilts, and still didn’t put a dent into her fabric collection. When Juliet passed away in 2005 the fabric collection that had been amassed was incredible, more than any shop would carry.

When the opportunity came up in 2011 for her daughter Caroline to open a shop in Nimmitabel, it was an easy decision to make it a patchwork fabric shop, already having a shop full of fabric.

Juliet’s House of Quilting opened in October 2011 showcasing over 1300 patchwork fabrics many of which you cannot find anywhere else, making the product range unique.